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K Ravindra - Kanuru

I hesitate very little when I say IDROPAN'S water is usually the liquid that enters my system, I recommend this for anybody that wants good clean water I use it for my children all the way up to my grandparents and I feel really confident as we are getting the most cleanest and most importantly its natural form of water available,it takes one drink to tell that IDROPAN'S water is something worth drinking..

P Vindo Kumar - Kankipadu

I love IDROPAN'S water. I was never a big water drinker, all other bottled waters either tasted too bleachy or too proccessed and tap water just tastes plain and dirty. But the taste of IDROPAN'S water is so good and clean that I am addicted to it I have to bring a bottle where ever I go.

M Manohar Joshi - Kolavennu

This water is the only one I ever drink. Its taste and refreshingness makes me to drink more water. I must drink three litres a day of this stuff its just amazing! Seriously you need to try it.

L Rajya Laksmi - Gosala

Product is great.I am enjoying this water as its having very good taste and also i feel it as the best way of having the purest form of water. Thanks to IDROPAN'S water.

R Rajasekar - Punadipadu

Best tasty water by far! Love IDROPAN'S water! Love the taste and I find it better than anything I have in water bottles.

B Karunakaran - Poranki

IDROPAN'S water is my longtime favorite bottled water. I seek out the best prices, this was the best deal.

H Lalitha Devi - Edupugallu

I have tried many brands of spring water, I have always maintained that my water tasted the best and refuse to drink city water that has chemicals in it. IDROPAN'S water is the best tasting water I have ever had. I am assured that i will continue to drink this water only.

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